Woolfisher History

Our Shop

Woolfish is a small yarn and textile shop on the edge of the lovely coastal village of St. Abbs.

The shop opened in Nov 2006 and just recently we've moved to a new premises - The Millrace, still on the farm though so not far to wander.

We have had great fun since we opened the shop, made great friends and met lovely people

Why Woolfish? Photo taken by Jack Laws

I came across the name when we had divers staying with us and they mentioned the Wolf Fish, a fish that most divers try and see when they come to St Abbs. To my shame I hadn't heard of this fish, I 'Googled' it and low and behold up came St Abbs.When it came to me finding a name, I couldn't get past Wolf Fish, and because of it being synonymous with St Abbs, I just had to go with it, hence, WOOLFISH!!

About the Woolfishers

My name is Louise, I am the 'BIG FISH', and Trudi, my daughter is the 'WEE FISH'. Trudi is a newcomer to the textile and yarn business, but I (Louise) have been involved with it for many years. We lived in Ireland for many years and while there taught embroidery. We also had a small shop called Ballindarra Crafts and used that as a base to make small embroidered sheep pictures for other shops , which then went to the States, Germany, France, etc. When we moved back home, I taught Crewel Work at the community centre for a while before opening up the shop. Recently, Woolfish gained a new recruit in the form of Trudi's husband Nathan (willingly not coerced!).

Louise Trudi

Nathan Alison