Dryburgh Abbey

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Dryburgh Abbey While at the Knitting Retreat at Dryburgh Abbey Hotel we went next door to Dryburgh Abbey, It was sooooo Fascinating Sir Walter Scott and his wife and other members of his family are [...]

A Visit to Loch Carron Mill

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A Visit to Loch Carron Mill While at the Dryburgh Abbey Knitting Retreat we visited Loch Carron Mill in Selkirk It was (once again) a very interesting I thought this tapestry was lovely and was [...]

Wonderwool Wales

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Wonderwool Wales I found this photo of Nathan strutting his stuff on the Sheepwalk at Wonderwool Wales   Both Trudi and Nathan did really well and got 2nd prize for the display When I said [...]

February Knitting Retreat

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February Knitting Retreat Before I got caught up with all the Edinburgh goings on I had a lovely Knitting Retreat with June. June was given this Retreat by her husband and I hoped that she would like [...]

Edinburgh Yarn Festival

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Edinburgh Yarn Festival  A great time was had by one and all at the great and well organized Wool Festival held in the old Corn Exchange Edinburgh Many thanks to Elizabeth, Maciek and Peter who [...]