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Why Woolfish? Photo taken by Jack Laws

I came across the name when we had divers staying with us and they mentioned the Wolf Fish, a fish that most divers try and see when they come to St Abbs. To my shame I hadn’t heard of this fish, I ‘Googled’ it and lo and behold up came St Abbs.When it came to me finding a name, I couldn’t get past Wolf Fish, and because of it being synonymous with St Abbs, I just had to go with it, hence, WOOLFISH!!

About the Woolfishers

My name is Louise, I am the ‘BIG FISH’, and Trudi, my daughter is the ‘WEE FISH’. Trudi is a newcomer to the textile and yarn business, but I (Louise) have been involved with it for many years. We lived in Ireland for many years and while there taught embroidery. We also had a small shop called Ballindarra Crafts and used that as a base to make small embroidered sheep pictures for other shops , which then went to the States, Germany, France, etc. When we moved back home, I taught Crewel Work at the community centre for a while before opening up the shop. Recently, Woolfish gained a new recruit in the form of Trudi’s husband Nathan (willingly not coerced!).


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